Terms and Conditions of Koch Media GmbH
(hereinafter: “Koch media GmbH” or “Koch media GmbH Community”)

I. Prerequisites for Participating

  1. You can only participate in a forum of the Koch media GmbH Community if you give us your name (a pseudonym will do) and your e-mail address – which will not be published – by entering this data in the registration screen. All further entries are optional.
  2. You can register, use and participate in the forums of the Koch media GmbH Community free of charge.
  3. As a prerequisite for using and participating in our forums, you must acknowledge and agree to the rules and statements set out in these Forum Terms and Conditions.

II. Rules regarding the Contents of Forum Entries

  1. The individual forums and sub-forums are initiated by Koch media GmbH in the German or English language. You can open new threads, but not your own forums. The structure is determined by Koch media GmbH.
  2. The forums provide an opportunity to exchange views on the various topics and sub-topics offered in the forums and may also contain hints, questions or explanations. We expect all participants to be open-minded, friendly and respectful when taking part in a discussion. In addition, you must make sure that your comments comply with our General Forum Terms and Conditions.
  3. Using the forums for commercial purposes is not permitted.
  4. Entries made in a forum must not contain any commercial, criminal, offending or oth-erwise unacceptable statements. This also includes entries which are unrelated to the topics under discussion, as well as entries which contain unlawful or immoral state-ments and entries which incite racial hatred, as defined in Sec. 131 German Criminal Code (StGB), glorify or trivialize violence, are sexually offensive or pornographic, as defined in Sec. 134 German Criminal Code (StGB), glorify or trivialize wars, or could cause serious moral harm to children or adolescents or harm their welfare.

III. Rights and Obligations of Koch media GmbH

  1. Koch media GmbH may at any time close the main forums and/or any sub-forums.
  2. Koch media GmbH reserve the right to delete entries at any time if they violate the rules set out under II. 3 and II. 4 above. The same applies if any third party can demonstrate convincingly to Koch media GmbH that a forum entry infringes its rights, or if Koch media GmbH are required by court order to delete an entry.
  3. Koch media GmbH may edit, move and comment upon any topics and entries. We will identify our own editing.

IV. Copyright

You as the author retain the copyright to your entries; your entries are identified by the name which you have used to register to participate in the forum discussion. However, by posting your entries in the respective forum or sub-forum, you grant Koch media GmbH a simple right of use in respect of your entries. This simple right of use granted to Koch media GmbH allows Koch media GmbH to keep your entries permanently on the forum pages.

V. Exclusion of Liability

Even though the forums are run by Koch media GmbH, the entries and their contents come from you. Koch media GmbH do not adopt your forum entries. The views expressed in the forum entries do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Koch media GmbH. Instead, we consider your forum entries to be your own contribution to the discussion. Koch media GmbH therefore refuse to accept any liability in the event that forum entries have an infringing content. This does not apply if we have in exceptional circumstances made use of our editing right.

VI. Data Protection

The personal data which you provide to us when registering for a forum (i.e. your name and e-mail address) will be stored by us on machine-readable data storage media and proc-essed and used for the sole purpose of your use of and participation in our forums and sub-forums – unless you have given us your prior consent to any other or further-reaching use.

You may use a pseudonym when giving us your name and, if using free-mail services, you may additionally ask to be provided with an e-mail address which contains your pseudonym instead of your first and last name. Furthermore, you may ask to be informed by us at any time free of charge about the personal data which we have stored in relation to your person or your pseudonym by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: office@kochmedia.com.